Season's Summary Analysis



   Interesting season with 96 wins (33.33% of all games played)

   We won 71.88% of our Singles (up 28.88% on last season), 19.79% of our Pairs & 8.33% of our Trebles (down 7.67% on last season)

  Our average scores are improved at around 19.79 per dart (up 5.79 on last season)

   Our finishing is still poor, (we don't get enough high out-shots)

   We play particularly badly under pressure from stronger teams

   We lose commitment when faced with exceptional individual players, remember they    are all beatable!


  We don't win enough matches!

  Not enough practice in teams

  More practice needed overall & greater concentration needed during games

  Weaker players should concentrate on the 'sweet spots'

  Those who prefer the lower part of the board should aim for the middle & below,
  (aiming directly for the lower trebles can result in too many drop-outs -  dart tips
  should be pointing up prior to the throw)

  We should practice more than once a week, individually, or in groups

   We are at a difficult stage where we now have just about the right number of players,   but need to   be wary of holiday & sickness situations

  We must not allow ourselves to be put off by unnecessary banter from the opposition or   indeed by that of our own players

   We must aim to at least get past the magical 100 wins each season


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